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Art Appreciation 

I. Introduction: Artist, Title, Date, Media, Size, & Where the piece is housed. Place titles in italics, quotes or all caps consistently throughout the paper. Underlining titles will also work. II. Physical Description: Use Visual & Design terms to describe the artwork. Include (8) or more terms in your critique and explain how each works within the artwork. Think line, texture, balance, etc. What is the Form type? Use great details – Revisit Handout I and II. III. Artist Intent: Explain what the artist / artwork is communicating? Also mention what type of Content is found in the work. Is there any iconography? If so, explain. IV. Viewer’s Opinion: Why is this a strong or weak work of art? Critique how the physical elements and content interact. Does the form distract from the content; or do they work together? How? V. Conclusion: Bring the critique to a closure. The Reaction Papers are to be (2) pages / 700-750 words; use a 10 or 12 point font. This can be created in Word or Google Docs and later placed in Turnitin as text. Place only your name at the top of the paper, on the same line as your title. Include only text when using Turnitin – stay clear of entering links to open documents. Use the comment box for museum documentation. Place an image of your receipt here. When requesting a receipt, consider asking for a ‘zero-out’ receipt if you got in free. Museum proof is needed to collect a grade. Other museum material that is hand-dated by staff will suffice. If you want to include an image and the venue ALLOWS picture taking this is fine; however, a dated receipt, or pamphlet is still required for credit. No links to image-receipts will be accepted.


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