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Analysis of the Play “Equus”

Description: Part I – Text Analysis Analyze the text, focusing on the three assigned scenes, but taking into account the entire play. Your analysis should take the form of an essay. Your analysis should take into consideration the following: 1. Plot – the sequence of the events – What is the story of the play? What are the major events of the play? What is the climax of the story? What is the major dramatic question? What are the events of the assigned scenes? 2. Character – the agents of the action. For Dysart and Alan, analyze the following: a. Objectives – wants and desires b. Actions – what they do to get what they want c. Previous Action – character history/back story d. Relationships – who can help them get what they want and who stands in their way; tactics they use against specific characters e. Function in Story – Protagonist, antagonist, supporter of one or the other, etc. f. Character Arc/Journey – How does the character change/progress over the course of the play? g. Physical Characteristics – what does the character look like? How do they move? What do they sound like? Do they have any unique/identifying characteristics? 3. Language – the words that characters use to get what they want. For Dysart and Alan, analyze the way they talk, using specific examples from the scene or play. Consider: a. Vocabulary b. Images c. Metaphors d. Syntax e. Rhythms f. Dialect g. Any other aspects of language that you feel are important in distinguishing the two characters 4. Idea – anything that happens or is said that stimulates thought. What is the major debate of the play? Which sides of the debate do Alan and Dysart represent? Which side of the debate does the playwright come down on? How do the assigned scenes contribute to the debate? What are some of the other ideas that the playwright explores in the play? 5. Spectacle – What opportunities does the playwright provide for visual excitement in the play? What are the specific images that you believe will be most powerful for an audience to witness? 6. Music – What opportunities doe the playwright provide for sound in the play? How do these sounds enhance the storytelling? What effect do they have? Part I will be evaluated on its organization of thought, thoroughness of the analysis, accuracy of the analysis, and correct spelling and grammar.


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