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PRESIDENT JOAQUIN BALAGUER-PRESENTATION & PAPER INSTRUCTIONS: The purpose of this project is for you to pick an historical leader and evaluate him or her based on the main points that we cover throughout the semester. I would suggest that you pick a leader that you generally think favorably towards but be prepared to identify some flaws (everyone has them). Selection Rules: – You must use at least 4 written sources of information and none of them can be Wikipedia or a Netflix documentary (use books, scholarly journals, peer-reviewed articles) PART 1 – Create PowerPoint slides and speak in front of the class for 5-8 minutes • Slide 1 – Who is your leader and what did they accomplish? • Slide 2 – How would you evaluate your leader’s abilities and why? • Slide 3 – What are some of the leadership strengths that this leader exhibited? Give specific examples • Slide 4 – What do you think some of this leader’s drawbacks / flaws were? Explain your reasons why • Slide 5 – How do you relate to this leader and what would you have done differently if you were in their shoes during the circumstances of their leadership? • Slide 6 – Sources **Cover each of these elements** ALSO: PART 2 – Submit the Paper Summarize your discussion in a 3 page paper. In addition to the information you covered in your class presentation, spend a paragraph or two on how the leader that you selected has influenced you. How do you think you would be perceived as a leader and reasons why.


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