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Frank Chin’s Donald Duk Final Project 

Paper details I. Short Identification (ten at ten points each, 100 points total) Directions: Define ten of the following terms in a solid paragraph of three to five sentences each, discussing the significance of the characters, elements, and/or objects succinctly and thoroughly, explaining the relevance to the novel, and the development of the plot. Quoted material from the book should be properly cited, including page numbers in parentheses. Summarized and paraphrased materials should also be marked with parenthetical citations. Please indicate clearly the questions you are answering. 1) Chinatown 2) 108 outlaws 3) Larry Louie 4) Tai Chi 5) Mr. Meanwright 6) P-26A 7) Kwan Kung 8) Eight Irishmen 9) Fred Astaire 10) Kingdoms rise and fall, Nations come and go 11) Fifty-pound sack of rice 12) Mr. Durant 13) Lay see


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