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Paper on Afro-Brazilian Art, Culture, Soccer and Politics. 

Highlight the historical context (time period) covered in the reading or film. b) Outline the most pertinent issues affecting Afro-Brazilian people. This should include the key points or main arguments that the writer or film make is making. c) Pin-point relevant quotes that reinforce your main points d) Offer your own personal opinion on the issues, arguments and points raised in the reading and or film. e) Raise at least THREE questions for class discussion in your presentations. Each presentation should not exceed FIVE typed pages and they should be in an ESSAY FORMAT and NOT POWERPOINT and should be submitted via the D2L ASSIGNMENT folder at the time and the dates stipulated in the class schedule. These Assignments should be in WORD FORMAT and PDF documents will NOT be accepted. I prefer a presentation format in the form of an ESSAY with clearly broken-down sections outlined above like Historical Context, Key Issues Affecting Afro-Brazilians, Relevant Quotes, Personal Opinions and Discussion Questions. Bullet points and lists are also preferred where it’s necessary to list things and they should be accompanied by adequate explanations.


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