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Paper details Please Read John Cheever, “The Swimmer.” You must connect your research to specific moments in the literary text. Be sure to explain to your reader both what your research says and how it impacts your reading of your piece of literature. Your essay must meet these requirements: Do non-literary research: Please don’t look up literary criticism on your chosen text–for example, don’t use criticism that analyzes symbols or characters in the work. Use at least six research sources: Your paper’s grade will be reduced if you don’t use the required number of sources. At least three of your sources must be scholarly; these can either be scholarly journal articles or excerpts from books written by scholars. Acceptable popular (non-scholarly) sources include college-level books, reputable websites, and newspapers. Subject-specific encyclopedias, like the Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, are also acceptable, although general encyclopedias are not. Avoid these sources: Wikipedia, other general encyclopedias like the Encyclopedia Britannica, web sites such as SparkNotes, dictionaries, and web sites that provide pre-written essays may not be used as sources. Make connections between the texts: Your paper must connect your research sources to your literary text. Don’t just describe what the research says or compare it to your literary text. Use quotes from your literary text and each research source. I will check to see that each source is cited at least once in the paper. Have a Works Cited page: Your final draft must include a Works Cited page in MLA style. The Works Cited page does not count toward the page length requirement. Essay Requirements: A minimum of seven double-spaced pages Criteria for a successful essay include: A title that captures the essence of your essay Well-developed introduction Clear thesis statement in the introduction Well-developed support for your argument (weave in quotes and analyze them) Logical organization with topic sentences and transitions Conclusion that adds a final thought Few sentence-level errors (grammar, spelling) MLA citation Attached at the bottom will be the main idea of the story and the second paragraph in the attached is the questions that need to be answered with the resources. Some questions I would like to research on are how do people know they have an issue with alcohol. How does alcohol affect your memory? How does alcohol affect your health? How does being an alcoholic affect those around you, especially family? Does genetics come into play in someone becoming an alcoholic? Does having an alcoholic parent make their children more prone to being an alcoholic? What are ways to get out of the habit of drinking alcohol?


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