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Ancient and Medieval Empire

Choose 1 of the following questions for the essay: 1.Did Alexander the Great aim at uniting mankind? 2.What were the differences between Roman and Carthaginian imperialisms? 3.Is it right to say that Augustus was the first Roman emperor? 4.Was there a ‘third-century crisis’ of the Roman empire? 5.Did nomad empires cause the fall of the Roman empire? 6.Was Justinian’s empire ancient or medieval? 7.To what extent did the rise of Islam create a new kind of empire? 8.To what extent did the Vikings have an empire? 9.Were the crusades an act of imperialism? 1500 words, 8 sources Needs to be able to be submitted before midnight Please be an actual writer, I had to cancel this question on another sight when I saw the guy basing the whole thing off one history news website. The grading for this is capped at a pass with no honours so a master piece isn’t required, it just needs to contain some actual relevant and legitimate sources, with a mostly coherent point.


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