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Political Marketing Project Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details You are tasked with developing a marketing strategy for one of the 25 Democrats seeking their party’s nomination. Your job, given that you are now an expert on how Donald Trump got elected, is to explain to them what they could do to use these techniques to beat him. The reason why I do not want you to use the Trump re-election campaign as a case is because his strategy is simple: keep his core voters happy by pointing out all the great things he did for them. You are to develop the product, brand, positioning and distribution channels for the product. Following that, you are to define who the audience targets are using the segmentation tools discussed in the class. This should be no shorter than 7 and no longer than 9 pages. I expect standard citation and bibliography formatting for this. Sources to use: Private Government by Elizabeth Anderson Coming apart by Charles Murray The Great Revolt by Salena Zito and Brad Todd


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