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Organizational Behavior 

M6 Assignment: Final Project Individual Contribution Statement Each member of the class will post an individual contribution statement with regard to the Final Project Group – Case Study here. State what you did (in detail) to contribute to the team activity. Include: the research you did, how you helped each other through discussion, any difficulties you may have had in the task. Your statement must be a minimum of 250 words. Please note that the final project individual contribution statement is a graded component and each student is required to submit this. (I will attach the report that you did for me to this order. So the statement should reflect what you did to research for this paper. The part that I contributed to the paper was Question 3 , the Introduction and the Conclusion. I also helped my classmates with questions 1&2. They added what I said to the questions that they were suppose to answer. This is an online class so everything is posted in the comment sections for everyone to see. This paper is a group project and so far everyone is doing their part and I have no complaints thus far. We are all contributing to the assignment. So the statement should be a positive one stating how much I enjoyed this project and working as team player.)


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