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Popular Culture – Analysis of Music Artist Lil Nas X in Comparison with The Critical Lenses of Gender, Race, and Sexuality in Today’s Society


Paper details:

This assignment is a content analysis of sources of popular culture. The topic of the analysis is going to be the newly famous country/rapper music artist – Lil Nas X. More specifically, his song titled “C7osure” that he used as an expression of him coming out as gay. He is a black male, music artist that just recently came out as gay on 6/30/19 before pride month came to an end. The sources to compare him and his song about coming out with are going to be the critical lenses of gender, race, and sexuality in today’s society. The analysis must specifically address those three factors. The research question to be addressed in this analysis is “How did Lil Nas X overcome the obstacles of being a gay black man in the music industry and still become wildly successful?” The sources that need to be researched should provide evidence of norms in the music industry, and scrutiny that minorities such as Lil Nas X face when they are up & coming in their music careers. This will include comparisons to other successful black male artists. Your text (pages 82-83 – ATTACHED) provides a very good and detailed description of the approach to content analysis I want you to utilize and will be helpful in showing the type of analysis this should be. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length. In addition to the popular culture sources you are analyzing, and our textbook(attached PDF), PLEASE ADD A MINIMUM OF FOUR PROFESSIONAL OR PEER REVIEWED ARTICLES THAT RELATE TO THE TOPIC GENERALLY. Use a simplified form of APA 6th (no cover page) for your formatting – 12 pt font, 1 inch margins. Be certain that you follow APA 6th for your in-text citations and your reference page. Please remember this is a content analysis paper. Often students write papers that are very long on description and include very little analysis. For our purposes I want to see your analysis and the more clearly you denote that analysis, the better. Use headings and sub-headings so that your line of thought and analysis are easy to follow.


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