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Application paper – Take any two different novels or movies (or novel and movie combination – though in that case it needs to be a movie not based on the novel), and find one important psychological principle presented to discuss in your paper. In the first page you will describe the psychology topic/principle of your choice in detail, and then in the following pages you need to elucidate how the movies/novels accurately or inaccurately portray the topic you chose. Discuss whether they do a good job, whether the topic is accurately presented (insofar as your scientific understanding of it goes). Discuss whether the movie/book enhanced your understanding of the topic. For example, you might choose to watch Memento and 50 First Dates. You would describe the topic of memory, the ideas about consolidation of memory from short term memory into long term memory, and anterograde amnesia. Then you would write about how those ideas are presented in the two movies. A SHORT synopsis of each movie would be appropriate, and then the majority of your paper would discuss how the two movies presented the ideas of memory consolidation and the particular type of amnesia in question. As you write this paper again remember that I would like to hear YOUR voice and your impressions of the movie. Do NOT copy directly from an outside source.


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