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: In this unit, you examined business ethics. For this assignment, you will further explore that topic. Find a code of ethics, preferably from the firm that you selected in Unit I. Compose an essay that defines ethics and a code of ethics based on what you have learned in this unit and what you have read in the codes of ethics you found. Your essay should meet the criteria below. ****Please follow the questions below. Write complete sentences*** *Summarize the code of ethics you found *Explain how it is socialized in the company. *Evaluate the importance of ethical decision making. How does the code of ethics influence the organization? *Infer how codes of ethics are influenced by utilitarianism. *Summarize the relationship between ethics and corporate social responsibility. (CSR) “””””Please note we are talking about NiSource the selected company** This essay must be at least two pages in length. It should include an introduction, a clear thesis statement, and a conclusion. Must be at least two academic sources, and any information from outside sources should be cited in APA format. For this assignment please follow: Sentences written in English, complete sentences Citation guide Must be doctoral material


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