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“You Be The Teacher” Sociology Project Overview of this Assignment: This project will require you to create a visual, accessible and engaging presentation meant to teach others about a sociological topic of your choice. You may use power point, prezi, make a video, or use any other visual medium that is engaging, informative and creative (please do not submit a traditional research paper). You will submit your presentation to a forum for comments by your classmates, as well as to the assignment link to be graded. Please adhere to due dates in the syllabus for this assignment Through this assignment you will: Explore in greater depth a sociological topic. Demonstrate sociological thinking about a particular sociological topic. Synthesize and apply sociological theories and concepts in the analysis of their chosen topic. Summarize your understanding of a particular sociological topic. Gain confidence in utilizing a visual medium for presenting ideas and information. Learn how to identify and use academic sources for the purpose of academic research. Possible Topics and Topic Areas Include (but are not limited to)*: The sociological imagination Presenting on one or more of the major theoretical frameworks in sociology (Functionalism, conflict perspective, Feminist theory, Symbolic interaction, Postmodernism, Midrange Theory.) Exploring the biography of a lesser-known sociologist (W.E.B. DuBois, Ida Wells-Barnett, Jane Adams, Harriet Martineau, C.Wright Mills, Arlie Hoschchild, William Julius Wilson, Erving Goffman). Research method approaches (experiments, surveys, interviews, ethnography/field research, content analysis, existing data research, etc.) Exploring a particular subculture or even a deviant subculture in greater depth Concepts in Culture: Media, Material, non material, hegemony, ethnocentrism Gender socialization and roles Theories of gender inequality Class inequality in the U.S. Concepts in race: Scientific racism, eugenics, institutional racism, The difference between race and ethnicity Different kinds of social movements Theories of social movements An example of a particular social movement *I am open to any suggestions not reflected in this list. Students will be submitting proposals in the Second Week’s module for my feedback on your chosen topic. Requirements for an effective presentation: Choose a topic and go in depth. Use visuals (pictures, film clips, etc) not just text. Carefully choose the text you use (don’t overwhelm us with blocks of dense text). Proofread your presentation! Use at least two academic sources of information and cite them on a work cited slide or page of some sort (you may use more than two sources but at least two of your sources must be academic and not just credible sources.) Stay away from file formats that not everyone has access to (e.g. Keynote, pages, etc) If you are making a video, it might help to upload to youtube or some other video streaming channel to help with file size. 


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