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Divine foreknowledge objection to human freedom.


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Follow the added file exactly. All questions in order under each paragraph. Added information: 1. Introduction Here you should just simply state what the paper is about: a particular argument (with a name), and what you’re going to do with it (state it, explain it, and evaluate it) and then what you thought about it (that it was a convincing argument or that it was an unconvincing argument). It should read almost like a road map for the journey the paper takes you on. 2. The Argument Just say something that in introduces it. One way is to say “the following is the (name of the argument)”: P1… P2… C… That’s it! 3. Explain premise 1. Sometimes arguments have some technical terminology that needs explaining, as well as the rationale (why you should believe it). That’s what you’re doing here, just sorting this premise out on its own in isolation. The assignment has a series of questions and other things you need to do in order to accomplish this. As long as you do these things, in the right order (the order they appear on the assignment) you should do just fine. Just make sure it all flows together nicely so that it makes sense. 4. Explain premise 2. Basically the same thing as above but for a different premise. 5. Explain the conclusion. Here you wrap up explaining the argument: say what kind of argument it is, why it is this kind of argument, and the upshot of the conclusion turns out to be true. Largely you’re doing almost the same thing as the last two paragraphs in terms of doing the things the assignment asks in the order it asks you to do them. 6. Evaluate the argument. Here you are presenting two sides that you could take. First the side that opposes the argument. Pick the weakest premise and argue against it on behalf of the opposition with some rationale (the reason that the premise is argued to be false). Then respond on the side that would defend the argument against the objection from the other side. Once you have laid out both sides, pick one of them and say why you picked this side rather than the other. Again, address all the points that the assignment asks you to, in the order it asks you to, and you’ll do fine. To answer your question about this part, you can bring in something like an outside source to justify whatever position you take. That is a fine way to do it, but it isn’t necessary. It just has to be your reason and it should be one that you clearly thought about. 7. Conclusion. Do exactly what you did in the introduction, but in past tense. Summarize the paper with a simple map of the journey “In this paper, I stated explained and evaluated the (name of the argument). My thesis is that it was (your stance on whether it was convincing or not)”.


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