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 Two topics on different pages do not connect the two thoughts The Jerusalem Council Account (Acts 15) Page 1 Paragraph One: Outline the problem being dealt with in the chapter. What has the council been called together for? Read chapter 14 to understand the context. What are the various opinions involved, Paul’s, Peter’s, and the others their, for example, the Pharisees. Paragraph Two: What is the council’s decision? Who does the council’s decision specifically directly affect in terms of practice, Gentiles, Jews, both? Sources: For this assignment please use the commentaries that have been provided for this class in order to answer the questions. You are required to use at least two and cite them in your answers. You are required to use at least two sources that are not the BIBLE. 4. Paul’s Experience on the Road to Damascus page 2 There are three occasions where we ae told of Paul’s experience on the road to Damascus: (1) 9:3-8; (2) 22:6-11; and (3) 26:13-19. Please compare and contrast all three of the accounts, answering the following question:. 1. What are the similarities? 2. What are the differences? 3. What are the reasons for these differences?


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