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 Choose a building completed any time before 1900, and consider the ways in which its architecture has been influenced by its energy context. Core text: Astrid Kander, Paolo Malanima and Paul Warde, Power to the People: Energy in Europe over the Last Five Centuries (Princeton, 2014) Please note that this text is available online through the university library website. Search for it in the catalogue and follow the instructions to find the text. You will need to add your own reading about your particular choice of building.  choose one that you can visit, and about which you can find good information in local libraries wherever you are based when writing the essay. Think about how your building is different from older buildings serving the same purpose. If you choose housing, how and why is it different from housing for people of similar social standing two hundred years earlier? If you choose a university building, how is it different from the old buildings of universities like Oxford and Cambridge? How has increased energy availability helped to shape those differences? Guidance Read the relevant parts of the core text carefully, taking notes (you do not need to read all the chapters on earlier history, though you may find it useful to dip into them to understand how things changed in the twentieth century – the start of the book is helpful as a summary). As you read, think about things which might affect architecture: materials and technologies, but also things like major social changes which might make particular types of building more or less important than they had been earlier in history. Make notes about the text and any other reading you do to prepare for your essay, and be careful to include in all your notes the page numbers and publication details of the places you found your information. Take notes throughout all reading (even online if you’re using some online sources) saying where you got each piece of information from, including page number (for printed sources and online journals) and date retrieved (which means the date you first read it) for other online sources. The thing which this essay will be marked on above all else is good analysis: your own observations and careful thought about the topic. NOTES AND PLAN: (use these titles for your own notes, to help you make sure that you are including everything you need. You do not need to submit your notes.)


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