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Description Your paper must be a critical analysis of the chosen topic, based in the appropriate theory and methodology, with summary and description kept to a bare minimum. Keep in mind this is not just an informative paper; it will also inform the reader why your topic is making a cultural impact. Your job is to help create a deeper understanding of something most people engage uncritically. Your reader should understand what cultural work is taking place. Whether you like it or not is virtually irrelevant as would be any attempt to convincethe reader that they should or should not like the text. 2. Your research should be supported with a minimum of 3 scholarly sources. 3. Do not use we, you, or I. No contractions. 4. You will be graded on adherence to MLA formatting, mechanics (such as spelling, punctuation, correct quotations, grammar), clear and concise writing, legitimacy of sources, use of research, depth of analysis, and ability to make your topic important to popular culture. 5. Keep the following in mind: Research Question and Thesis: What ? Rationale: Why? Sources: Are your sources credible? Audience: Who cares? 


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