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Choose any two (2) of the questions below for a 250-word response (500 word minimum total this section) typed response. Do not restate the questions in your responses. Pick any two (2) questions to answer: 1) Why is it difficult for a challenger to unseat an incumbent member in Congress? What advantages do incumbents have when they seek reelection? 2) In what ways does Congress oversee the executive branch? What “checks” does Congress have on judicial power? 3) Identify the stages of the domestic policymaking process. What happens during each phase of the process? 4) What are “issue ads”? How do interest groups use issue advocacy to influence public policy? 5) What is the role of the media in a democracy? What special role do the media play in campaigns and elections? 6) Describe American foreign policy from the Cold War to the present. How has the focus of preserving our national security changed? 7) Have recent attempts to improve government efficiency worked? How difficult is it to reform the bureaucracy? 8) Which presidential role in Chapter #12 is the most critical that they perform: chief legislator, commander in chief, chief diplomat, chief executive, or head of state. 9) Drawing on examples of Supreme Court decision making, explain how courts are policymakers. How much policymaking power should courts have?


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