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1. Discussion 1: Collaboration Activity: Communication in Organizational Contexts Imagine that you are an organizational consultant for a community action group that seems to be having problems. The problem is that Samantha, the leader of the group, is very dynamic. She is energetic, with lots of plans and a clear vision for the group. She is a dreamer and she is outspoken. She tries and tries to promote her vision for the group, cajoling, persuading, commanding, and even using guilt against the others. But the other members just do not join her in her vision. In fact, the harder she pushes, the more resistance she gets from the group. She is growing discouraged, and attendance at group meetings is declining. In this Collaboration Activity, you continue the discussion you began last week and explore management, leadership, and organizational theories in relation to conflict in group dynamics. To prepare for this Collaboration Activity: Review the Readings and Learning Resources Guide for this week. Review the conflict situations and follow-up posts in Week 4. Select at least one complete exchange (the description and the analysis postings). Review the interactive media piece and consider how different forms of communication can contribute to these types of situations. Reflect on how the types of management and leadership shaped the conflict situation you selected in Week 4. Consider the management, leadership, and organizational theories in relation to the scenario with Samantha and the community action group. To complete this Collaboration Activity: Post by Day 4 of Week 5 1– 2 paragraphs that address the following: Describe how the management, leadership, and organizational theories you examined this week could alleviate the conflict situation you selected from Week 4. Then, describe which theory you would apply to the scenario with Samantha and the community action group to achieve a positive outcome for Samantha. Finally, share what role communication might play in achieving these outcomes for Samantha.


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