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 A one page response for each of the questions (double spaced, 12 font) (1) You have learned about several family theories in previous family science courses. Use/apply one or more of those theories (e.g., ecological systems, family systems, family development, life course, feminist, ABC-X model, etc.) to help explain a situation that you have observed in your internship. Briefly describe the situation and then discuss how this theory/these theories help us understand what you observed. Lastly, please answer the following questions: (a) Have you taken FSW 475 “Family theories” prior to this semester? No. (b) Are you currently taking FSW 475 “Family Theories”? No. (2) As you have learned in previous FSW courses, contextual/external factors (e.g., the economy; neighborhood resources; local, state, and federal social/family policies; implicit and systemic racism and sexism) have an influence on individuals, families, and communities. In a reflection paper style, identify at least two contextual factors that have had and are having an impact on the children/families that you are serving through your internship. Please provide specific examples and describe how those factors are having an impact. [* I’ve took FSW 245, 261, 418, 466, 206, 490, you can search online about these classes on Miami University Oxford website if you need any class information.] (3) For this question, you are to reflect upon the services that have been provided to the children/families through your internship — services provided by you and by the agency/organization as a whole. Critically analyze those services by considering the following questions: What are the strengths of those services, and what services are in need of improvement and why? Also consider and discuss: “What else would help?” Suggest other strategies for strengthening the families that you have served. What could citizens, private organizations, and public government programs do to help?


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