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In Your Own Words Assignments At the end of each module you will write a 2-3 page summary of what you learned in the module. Develop your ability to write about scientific concepts in a clear and concise manner. FORMAT -2 or 3 pages with 1.5 line spacing and 12 point font -Abstract: ~150-200 words that succinctly summarizes the main body of the assignment, included in the page limit -Main Body: cover the major topics of the module, using evidence from the class lectures/ activities to support your statements (see more about this below) -References (if necessary): use the Journal of Experimental Biology citation and reference style if you use any outside sources When writing your summary, pay attention to the following considerations: Flow: Does your essay make sense to a person who has never taken this course? Is information presented in a logical structure? Does each new paragraph build on and add to the previous paragraphs? Avoid mashing unconnected thoughts together that just list information you learned! Clarity: Your writing should be easy to understand for a pre-college student who did not see the lectures. Use language that is not overly technical (but avoid dumbing things down too far). Ask a friend who isn’t in the class to read your work if you are not sure! Evidence: Instead of making statements simply as fact, explain why the statement is true! For example, the sentence “Australopiths primarily ate tubers and hard plant material,” may reflect what you learned, but how do you know that was the case? “Australopiths primarily ate tubers and hard plant material, as evidenced by their large jaws and teeth adapted for heavy chewing,” provides a much clearer picture of the point being made. Citations: You do not have to cite information that you learned in class, but if you choose to bring in outside research (which is not necessary to complete the assignment) make sure to cite it properly using the Journal of Experimental Biology format linked above.


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