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Most of you do not know the history of Medicare or Medicaid, or even what these programs actually are. That’s because we don’t talk about them much, except when politicians rant about them being “entitlements.” The reality is that these are programs that were created to provide healthcare to those who cannot afford it and to the elderly. Everyone working in the US pays into these programs. They are not government handouts. Neither program is perfect — far from it. But it’s important that we understand them so that we can make informed choices when we’re voting, as these programs are always a topic of conflict and debate. A lot of conflict surrounds these programs and there are lots of myths about them. The Power to Heal is not going to teach all the intricate details. Rather, you will learn how Black physicians fought during the Civil Rights Movement, and before, to bring healthcare to the most needy in our nation. You will be shocked by much of what you read. For your first post, read the Preface, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2. Then pick a section from those chapters and write about it. First, identify where in the book you’re referring to, including page numbers. Describe the issue or event that you’re reading about. Then, talk about your reaction to it. It’s likely that your reaction will include many questions. Include those in your post. Write about your feelings as you read. For example, you might decide to write about the desegregation of hospitals in Chicago. (Yes, Chicago. Racism and segregation have never been confined to the South!) What about this surprises you? As you read about the people involved, you might want to write about a certain person. You could look for more information on that person through some library research. What specific problems were being addressed? Was there a resolution? What makes you the most angry about a passage? Or the saddest? Or the most hopeful?


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