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Choose two of the following topics and write a 750-word response to each. You are to refer to the set reading in your response. You may research wider if you like, but it is not necessary. The set readings are enough to answer the question. You may also refer to any of the course content covered in the 12 weeks of class. You CAN NOT write on the topic that relates to the presentation you delivered. Eg. If you presented on whether or not athletes have a duty to be good role models – you can not respond to topic 4 on Israel Folau. 1. Martin Luther King, in his Letter from Birmingham Prison, provides an argument for when it appropriate to break the law. Do you think the recent acts of civil disobedience by vegan protesters were justified? Refer to King’s letter in your response. 2. How can Aldo Leopold’s ‘The Land Ethic’ help to think through the culling of feral pigs in western New South Wales? 3. Do you think the Federal Government is right to deregulate gene editing in the case of agriculture? Refer to Steven Pinker’s essay in your response. 4. Using the arguments of Thomas Nagel about the responsibilities of those in public positions, evaluate the morality of: Israel Folau (in relation to his ongoing dispute with Rugby Australia over controversial social media posts). 5. Milton Friedman argues that the social responsibility of businesses is to increase their profits. Consider the controversy over Woolworths new store operating model and consider whether or not Friedman’s argument applies.


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