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Conduct a study of how caffeine affects memory with the average individual, particularly with recalling facts after consuming caffeine. The study will test the individual’s short term (thirty minutes), and long term (six hours) memory capabilities after consuming caffeine. The initial phases of this study are the Problem Statement, Purpose of the Study, the Research Objectives/Questions, and the Scope/Limitations/Delimitations. The results of this study will be compared with the study published by Frontiers in Psychology that found young college aged students (18-21 years of age) did improve their memory capabilities when they consumed coffee during the early hours of the day (Baena, 2016). The study conducted by John Hopkins University that also concluded coffee can improve memory capabilities for up to 24 hours after consuming it. The purpose of this study is to conduct a memory test with individuals to determine if the stimulant (caffeine) will increase student’s capabilities at recalling facts and figures. The memory sessions will test both the student’s long term and short term memory. The sessions will be conducted by answering questions in a word document. In conclusion, the overall end state of this study is to attempt to improve the memory capability of the average individual with accurately recalling facts and details. This will assist any student, regardless of what his or her major is. The source of my subject pool will be friends and family members. My subject pool will be up to 50 individuals. The selection criteria will be individuals in the ages of 18-21. The research methodology that will be used are a power point presentation, then fill out a quiz. Six hours later they will repeat the process. The next day the subject will repeat the process adding 100mg of caffeine before the initial reviewing of the power point slides. The power point is a military program but the information is relevant to civilians as well. The power point will be viewed at my house. They will be in a group. They will be given coffee from Keurig coffee cups. They will stay at my house until the next stage takes place.


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