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Use the Standards of Practice for Culturally Competent Nursing Care: Update 2011- Review Standards 1-12: Use the twelve standards as a guide to evaluate if the nursing staff in the case study met each standard. Note that you may not be able to evaluate every standard and if not indicate so. Interpret and discuss if behaviors by the nursing staff in the case study met the descriptions of the standard of practice-provide examples. Interpret and discuss if behaviors by the nursing staff in the case study did not meet the descriptions of the standard of practice-provide examples If the standard of practice was not met analyze and provide strategies that would allow the nurses in the case study to meet the standard. STANDARD 1: SOCIAL JUSTICE Professional nurses shall promote social justice for all. The applied principles of social justice guide decisions of nurses related to the patient, family, community, and other health care professionals. Nurses will develop leadership skills to advocate for socially just policies. Social justice evolves from values of impartiality and objectivity at a systems or governmental level and is founded on principles of fairness, equity, respect for self and human dignity, and tolerance.(12, 13, 14) Practicing social justice is acting in accordance with fair treatment regardless of economic status, race, ethnicity, age, citizenship, disability, or sexual orientation.” (13, pg 29) Social justice and human rights issues are interwoven throughout the principles stated above. By focusing on social justice as a standard of cultural competence, we are consistent with the perspective addressed by the International Council of Nurses: “We speak as advocates for all those we serve, and for all the underserved, insisting that social justice, prevention, care, and cure be the right of every human being.”(15) Ethical principles, which may differ among cultures, are derived from an individual’s beliefs as to the correctness of an action.(16) In contrast, principles of social justice are based on a broader systems view that expands the nurse’s sphere of influence to populations and health care systems. For example, Giddings’ model of social consciousness notes power imbalances within health care systems regarding who received care.(17) Reimer-Kirkham, Van Hofwegen, and Harwood urged social transformation through transformative learning.(18) One of the outcomes of a liberal arts education at the baccalaureate level is the development of leadership skills. These skills are founded on knowledge derived from the humanities and social sciences as well as from natural sciences. Leadership skills 12-30-10 Expert Panel on Global Nursing & Health Page 4 of 35 prepare nurses to advocate for social justice. For example, nurses are expected to develop a “commitment to the health of vulnerable populations and the elimination of health disparities.”(13, pg 26) Leadership skills prepare nurses to advocate for social justice as espoused by Barthum by promoting “empowerment, liberation and relief of suffering, and oppression.” (19, p. 304) Values are reflected in policies regarding human rights, such as the right to protection from oppression. Social justice demands fairness in the implementation of policies. Nurses shall advocate for principles of social justice within the health care arena and support organizational and governmental policies that demonstrate social justice. Nurses also will educate populations to advocate for themselves in matters of social justice.


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