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The focus of the term paper will be on the Medicinal and technological advancement challenges to the US health care system.

This paper cannot be more than 5 pages of text (excluding references, figures, graphs, etc.). All papers must include at least four different, referenced and acceptable sources other than assigned readings for this class. Internet sources that include information other than web-available journals, are NOT acceptable for this assignment as part of the four sources. Textbooks, brochures, or interviews also are not acceptable as part of the minimum number of sources required. Such sources may be used – but only as supplements to the four ‘acceptable’ sources required for this assignment. Ten points will be deducted from your earned grade for failure to provide sufficient and appropriate sources. Your paper must also follow the guidelines of professional writing and be typed (double-spaced); use a font size that is no smaller than 10 nor larger than 12; and have 1.5” margins. Papers that do not adhere to these type/font/margin stipulations will receive a 25 point deduction from their earned grade. Papers that include more than 4 lines of direct quotation (of ANY length) will earn a 50 point deduction. The paper is to be your writing, not that of someone else. Late penalties will be deducted until such time as an appropriately presented paper is submitted. Ten points will be subtracted from the earned paper grade foe each day (including weekends) after the assigned date that you are late in submitting the term paper. Papers will be graded on the basis of their organization, paragraph structure, accuracy in capturing relevant literature/statistics, writing style, writing mechanics.


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