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This paper is not focusing on Robotics and AI in the Defense industry, that was just supposed to be one suggestion not the ENTIRE paper. This is a strategy paper, where you are supposed to come up with THREE strategies on how Boeing Defense Aircraft can improve their business. Take out the SWOT Analysis. KEEP THE INTRODUCTION THE SAME. 1. Change Running Head to: Individual Strategy Paper for Boeing Defense. 2. Suggestion One: Invest in R & D to manufacture their own products because they rely on their suppliers heavily. Have the capability to produce their own products if in case the suppliers are not available. WRITE ABOUT THIS. THIS SHOULD BE ABOUT 1 PAGE LONG. 3. Suggestion Two: Robotics and AI in the Defense Industry, which you wrote about. FOCUS ON HOW THIS WILL HELP AIRPLANES.Take out the portion about Robotics Surgical Systems. THIS PORTION SHOULD BE ABOUT 1.5 PAGES, NOT THE ENTIRE PAPER. THE PART ABOUT DRONES IS GOOD, BUT FOCUS ON HOW IT WOULD HELP MILITARY AIRPLANES. NOT LONGER THAN 1.5 PAGES. 4. Suggestion Three: PLEASE WRITE ABOUT THIS. Explain why bringing commercial practices to the defense side would be beneficial to for the defense side. See answer below answer from the CEO. Incorporate GAP Analysis. This answer needs to be about 1 page long. Is it simply a case of bringing commercial practices to the defense side, or is there some tweak you’re bringing from commercial manufacturing? It is a hybrid. We have incredible commercial advancements. We’ve also been doing complementary advancements on the defense side. And we’re bringing them together. What we do well on defense is the up-front development. What our commercial enterprise does is large-scale production. So, it’s how do you merge the best of both of those worlds? Then, you add in the services side. It really has changed the way we look at the value stream. We’re looking at areas of opportunity to drive out cost, drive in efficiencies for our factories and to help with support so the Navy, Air Force and Army have a better chance of reducing their ownership and maintenance costs.


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