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perspectives of different professionals

The first learning outcome asks to demonstrate an understanding of what dementia is from the perspectives of different professionals. Managing the person with dementia (PwD) with complex health and social care needs may require a number of professionals to be involved. The multidisciplinary team brings expertise from occupational therapy, social work, and medical and nursing input (Downs & Brooker 2014).

Essentially from a nursing perspective The Nursing and Midwifery council (NMC), (2018;10) ‘requires nurses to keep colleagues informed when you are sharing the care of individuals with other health and care professionals and staff’. Partnership and inter professional working is fundamental in dementia care and has been supported by ……………..provide Reference to support (have a look at Learning Unit 4 to support academic argument for partnership / collaborative / inter professional / co production and also reading list books / journals ) also be mindful of the PwD / family / carers involvement in health & social care decision as part of the partnership………………………… ook to focus on 2 or 3 professionals max) Within the multi-disciplinary team the role of the mental health nurse (MHN) in dementia care focuses on interpersonal relationship and building a therapeutic relationship. Working in partnership the relationship between the mental health nurse and service user is at the heart of nursing practice (Norman & Ryrie, 2009). From a community perspective MHN have a good understanding in relation to investigations and medical diagnosis, provision of emotional and practical support for carers and training for primary care professionals (Keady et al, 2007). The value of MHN working with older people with dementia has been recognised by the Royal College of Nursing, (2015) delivering competence in areas advanced assessment skills, promoting best practice and ethical and person centred care……………………………. Another professional fundamental supporting PwD in the community is the social worker. According to ……….Social workers are responsible for ……………. They involve the PwD, families and carers at the heart of the decision making process etc etc……………………………………………. Another section of Doris CMP (Kings Fund, 2011) I would like to explore further is the MHN was the professional responsible for co coordinating and managing Doris care in the community. Care co-ordination (section 3 of CMP) is pivotal particularly managing complex social and health needs in the community. According to the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG)(2010) the role of the care coordinator provides regular reviews and evaluates the care and treatment. ……………….……. LO3) The final learning outcome looks to provide recommendations for future practice from an inter-professional perspective. It could be argued the allocation of a professional to coordinate the care and treatment plan based on the PwD person centred needs is essential. This helps maintain quality of care and best available evidence to support independent living (DH, 2018). According to WAG (2010) a care coordinator will be a mental health  professional with appropriate skills and qualifications and who will be responsible for working with a person to agree a written Care and Treatment Plan. The Mental Health Measure (WAG, 2010) under part 2 …


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