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 Instructions PICOT QUESTIONS: In group of adult diabetic patients how does diet and exercise compare with diabetic medication therapy improving glycemic control an quality of life within three months period. This is Part 2 of your topic development – the Literature Review for the research question you identified in Week 1. This assignment requires proper APA format. This includes a title page, reference page, and proper headings. An abstract will only be included in your final paper. Write a 4-5-page paper (in addition to the title page and reference page) for your literature review: Select appropriate sources of evidence to support your research topic and compose a literature review supporting your proposal. Include a discussion regarding your investigation and search for the literature to gain knowledge related to your proposal. Please use appropriate headings. Sources are to be within 3-5 years unless the study was the “Mother of all Studies.” This means the earlier study precipitated all the research that followed. If you should use an historical study, be sure to include how the subsequent research supported the original study and/or negated the findings creating evidence that initiated a change in practice or beliefs.


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