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 TopCop Software A small business name TopCop developed a new software package for small businesses to help detect cyber -attacks. The software could be used as a stand-alone product or easily integrated with other major software cyber detection tools. The software is compliant with cyber standards in the United States and with the United Nations. The timing is great, cyber-attacks are increasing world-wide and small businesses would appear to be the largest victims. To take advantage of this growing world –wide need, the business owners brought in two former colleagues as partners and were soon able to catch the attention of a venture capitalist firm to gain additional funding. With then two years, TopCop had twenty-eight employees and sales had reached nearly $5 million. Now, TopCop is facing its first major problem. They have learned of a new company based in London that is beta testing a new cyber detection product that promised to outpace TopCop and the new company has been talking about global aspirations. Some in TopCop believe that if they stay focused on the United States and the other company starts out as a global player, TopCop will be killed within months. Some in topCop argue that they must come up with an international strategy to deal with this emerging competition. The leadership of TopCop has gathered opinions and ides from their partners, employees, advisors and friends. And made a decision not to go global and focus on the local market in the United states because of their resources are too thin, and also rapid global expansion could also spell disaster for the company. Some have pointed out that none of their managers have international experience and the company would have to hire someone with significant global experience. Write an essay to explain why focusing on the market in the US and not expand is the best option for a small company like TopCop


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