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 In your explanation define opportunity cost and explain the external benefits that result from educating someone else’s children. or Discuss the short run and long run advantages and disadvantages of the bail outs of investment banks and corporations in response to the Great Recession. Choose from either topics Conduct research on your topic using at least two sources. Write a Research Paper with a Body length of 2-3 pages using APA or MLA style In the Body of your Research Paper begin with an Introductory Paragraph and end with a Concluding Paragraph. RUBRIC Economic Ideas: Are economic terms, theories, and ideas clearly defined and correctly used? Is appropriate economic terminology used in your paper? Mechanics: Does the paper have grammar, spelling, punctuation, or sentence structure errors? Citations: Are all ideas, statistics, and information borrowed from outside sources clearly identified in the body of the paper? Are direct and indirect quotes appropriately identified and cited? Is all borrowed information properly cited using APA standards? Organization: Does your main idea (thesis statement), introduction, body, and conclusion flow in a logical direction? Do you effectively use transition words and statements? Does the paper include an abstract with key words, a title page, and a reference page using correct APA style? Topic: Does the paper effectively address the topic? Does the writer effectively combine information and analysis to present support for his/her ideas?


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