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 Key Assignment 400–600 words Your boss has asked you to complete an outline of the contract that will become the document guiding the companies in the fulfilling the requirements you have presented in the previous weeks. Prepare a key assignment outline: Choose appropriate contract types based on risk and purpose. Demonstrate basic knowledge of government protocols influencing those who contract with public agencies. Describe contract closeout procedures Discuss the nature and purpose of contract administration. Employ contract formation and contract enforcement and the laws that impact contracting, including contract law, the Uniform Commercial Code, agency law and intellectual property law. An introduction discussing what topics will be discussed and an explanation of the purpose for administering a contract. A statement of expectation, also considered the statement of work, defining the c services required. A request for information/proposal using stakeholder requirements from previous phase. Select appropriate contract format (example, fixed price, cost plus expenses, etc.) and explain why the selected contract type is appropriate for this effort. Select appropriate terms you desire to incorporate from the Uniform Commercial Code. Provide the UCC designation and the title The legal terms and conditions should be detailed in the UCC section. The statement of expectation should include all rules the two companies (the contract provider and the buying company) must comply with for the contract to be considered fulfilled. You will be expected to show they understand the specific rules each company must adhere to.


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