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The goals of this project are: (1) to involve the student in active data collection: to design and carry out a case study interview (2) to provide the student with experience in analyzing case history data (3) to extend the student’s knowledge of a topic by researching the literature The project will consist of two phases: one, a case study and two, a research effort designed to help analyze and explain the data. The topic choices are listed below. You will choose one topic and study it in depth. The results of your case study and your discussion of the topic will be written up in formal term paper format (word-processed, footnotes, bibliography). Papers must focus on a particular “driving force” of the individual that you are interviewing and the research should be limited to that. These papers should NOT be a general review of the developmental tasks and psychosocial crisis of the stage of adulthood. Papers that review the developmental tasks and psychosocial crisis in general, will not earn any grade higher than a C. Focus, focus, focus!


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