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675 Final Essay Questions: 


Answer the following questions briefly and comprehensively.

Submit answer for all essay questions in a word document.

Your essay is required to be submitted to the office of the Dean for Special Assessment. 

Save you essay as a word file with your name.  Submit as an attachment.



In managing processes within organizations, what type(s) of methodology can be implemented in order to become more efficient and cost effective?  Please describe each methodology(s) briefly.  For example, Lean Manufacturing.   (9 points)


Why should organizations be concerned with quality of their products/services?  What are some of the common approaches to accomplish that in recent years.  Please describe each briefly. (8 points)


In Inventory Management, describe the difference(s) between Fixed-Quantity Ordering versus Periodic Ordering.  Under what circumstances should one be more appropriate over the other?  (8 points)


Describe briefly the differences between the use of Distribution Center versus the Direct-Store-Delivery approach.  Please explain the trade-offs.  (8 points)


Describe various transportation modes available to most industries.  What would be trade-offs amongst them? (8 points)


What are Third Party Logistics Providers(3PLs)?  What services they typically provide?  What would be trade-offs between using a 3PL versus providing the service in-house? (9 points)



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