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Wildlife Management Essay

The Essay:

The essay must be researched and of a maximum of 2000 words (+/- 10%) 1.5 spaced size 12 font and typed. All references, figures and tables must be correctly cited and included in the reference list, where applicable. The essays must be set out in a logical order.

Discuss single specie management, the methods, needs, and applications of such management. The specie to be discussed is of the student’s own choice, however it must be an Australian vertebrate animal, of conservation importance such as a threatened, endangered or listed species, or of commercial value. Explain the need for single species management, and describe methods of achieving this. Why is there a need to ensure biodiversity of wildlife population for single specie management? What are, if any, the threats to these animals?

Ensure you follow the Harvard referencing style with not less than 15 references from peer-reviewed articles and include all figures and tables in the text and NOT in an appendix. There is a 2000word count (+/- 10%) limit that excludes all references, footnotes, figures and tables.

This assessment is weighted 30% of the course grade and a student must achieve 50% or more to pass this assessment.


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