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Process models of change ( Lewin’s 3 stage model of change)


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Assessment Main Brief Introduction Assessment is undertaken to establish the extent of student learning on completing a module. In this module, assessment is a 100% weighting written assignment. Details of the assessment is addressed in the following sessions 1.2 Assessment Aims Assessment is designed to evaluate students on the entire holistic aspect of Organisational Leading and Managing Strategic Change. The assignment will focus on formulating Change Management Plan. It aims to ensure that students have conducted some research and the basic reading on the topics of leading and managing change. Students need to understand and evaluate real organisational change problems and how they are managed through Lewin’s 3-Stage Model of Change. (anfreere change re fecze) The assignment will be analysed throughout the course of lectures 1.3 Scenario As organizations grow, particularly in the global space, change is inevitable. As businesses take on a more global facing model, management must be ready to facilitate the changes that ensue. This means creating plans for introducing, managing and leading change. Lewin’s 3- Stage Model of Change is widely used to help overcome barriers to change in organizations In the present case, you are the Project Manager for a mid-sized service-oriented company To cope with the rapid growth of information technology worldwide, your company will comprehensively implement Office 365 Based on the given Change Management for the Enterprise which provides an Adoption Guideline for Office 365, you are now required to develop a Change Management Plan that will facilitate as smooth of a transition as possible, optimizing employee buy-in, satisfaction, and serviceability. Write a report that explains the details of your plan, and be sure to integrate supportive reasoning for how to implement this plan following each step of Lewin’s 3-Stage Model of Change. 1.4 Change Management Plan The Change Management Plan should include the following headings : (Spe 1) Executive Summary (key points of the report) 2) Introduction (including organisational background and objectives of change)a 3) Change Plan projed to 2 Planning and Sponsorship a) b) Awareness (use Lewin’s 3-Stage Model of Change where applicable) c) Learning d) Readiness and Adoption 4) Conclusion and other recommendations 5) Bibliography (not included in your word count) 6) Appendices (not included in your word count) 1.5 Marks will be awarded as follows: Assessment criteria Marks 1. The depth and quality of organisational analysis and rationale proposed Change Management Plan: 1.1 Good analysis of the organisational environment; 1.2 Clear rationale for the elements in the Change Plan and why the chosen approach and strategies are seen as the most effective for the presented challenge; 9%00 1.3 Evidence of application of appropriate & relevant concepts from the course &other readings to the case; and 1.4 Cohesive plan where each of the elements makes sense in the context of the others to comprise an integrated, well thought through, balanced coherent plan. 2. Ability to think creatively to meet the challenges set out in the case 15% study including application of innovative and up-to-date thinking 3 Quality of writing and report presentation (including grammar, 15% referencing style, general structure and layout of the report) Total 100% 1.6 General Layout of Written Assignment Length Length of report: 3000 words (word count excludes references, tables&figures and appendices) Structure 1st page: Assignment Submission Form 2nd page: Student’s cover page with indication of word count, title, student name, student number, code 3rd page:Table of Contents Followed by body of assignment detailed in Session 1.4 above Format and Layout Assignment must be in report format, well laid-out with headings, sub-headings and sections (introduction, main part and concluding comments). Type written with Times New Roman or Arial font size: 12.1.5/2x line spacing, standard margins. Single or double side printing. Referencing Harvard referencing style 1.7 Policy on Plagiarism The University understands plagiarism to be the inclusion of another person’s writings or ideas or works, in any formally presented work (including essays, theses, examinations, projects, laboratory reports, oral,poster or slide presentations) which form part of the a module or programme of study, without due assessment requirements for acknowledgement either wholly or in part of the original source of the material through appropriate citation. Plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty. In any assignment, plagiarism means that you have presented information or ideas belonging to someone else falsely as being your own subject. Please ensure that all submissions are entirely your own work on a original thought


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