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Artistic Expression: Robert Frank and Brassaï

Paper details Art & photography have been linked from the beginnings of photography. In the contemporary art world, photography is a major player as a stand-alone voice and as an integrated medium with traditional art forms and digital technology. For this essay, search for photographers who are in the art genre and who grab your attention. (If you would like a starting place for your search, there is an excellent list on page 210 of our London text.) Select two artists, and compare and contrast their work. Defend your choices by explaining how their work qualifies as art. Would you characterize their expressions as photographs? or mixed media images? or multiple images or sequences? Is size an element in their work? In what way does the work relate to earlier traditions such as artistic photography or documentary photography? What other artistic, cultural, social, or political influences are evident in the work? What effect do you think the digital revolution has had on how artists define photography and make photographic images? For all essays in this course: Your essay should be at least 600 words. Cite any sources you use for your essay and include a list of works cited in either a MLA or APA format. Please include images, and remember to provide proper citations for each. Proofread your essay for grammatical and spelling errors.


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