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CHAPTER 4 RESULTS & DISCUSSION (2300): INSTRUCTIONS: The results section presents what you found in terms of the raw data, whether from questionnaires, interviews, samples analysed, etc. If the data are extensive, then the results may justify a separate chapter. Where they are not, it is often preferable to combine the results and their analysis in one chapter. Remember that results are raw data only and need to be processed by analysis (e.g. statistical) in order to be interpreted as meaningful information. To aid understanding, it is important that comments accompany figures, graphs and tables. It is not appropriate to discuss or speculate about the findings in this section. Make sure that you do not report analytical procedures that you do not understand! The discussion section puts forward the issues which arise from the detailed findings. These should be compared or contrasted to the general findings or comments from previous work and issues which you looked at in your introduction. The sub-headings in this section may closely follow the themes used to organise the review of the literature. The discussion section will also include some comment on the limitations of the study, e.g., sample size, how representative the sample was, the time period, etc. You should also provide general evaluation of the work, e.g., are there areas which you would tackle differently with hindsight? What are the most surprising findings? CHAPTER 5: CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS (700 WORDS) INSTRUCTIONS: It is important to return to the hypotheses or aims and demonstrate to what extent these have now been addressed. All the various threads of the report should be clearly brought together, but nothing new should be introduced. Leading on from the Conclusions, you will often feel the necessity to make Recommendations. As with Results and Analysis, this section may be combined with Conclusions in one chapter. Recommendations may cover issues such as improved approaches to carrying out the study, further research or steps that could be taken to address problems and issues identified by the study. All recommendations should follow on from the evidence that has been presented in the Report.


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