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Pearson BTEC HND Diploma in Hospitality Management (level 5)-The Developing Manager It needs to be in portfolio format! Please see assignment brief and module handbook for clarification. It is very important to check the module handbook and to see whats needs to be included in each of the LO. Plagerism max 20% Vocational scenario and activity: You are a trainee manager at a 5-star hotel in London with 250 guest rooms, a health club & spa, 2 restaurants, 9 meeting rooms and a ballroom for up to 700 guests. In your position as a trainee manager you are actively involved in the management of resources and activities as following. As an organisation develops, it creates working practices within the business that reflect its way of doing things. These practices become embedded in decisions and operations and guides and influences employees as they carry out their work. However, when organisations develop a new business strategy and growth, this creates a process of change. Hence, you have just started working as a trainee manager in a London based 5 star hotel. The senior managers are aware that there are some problems with the existing staff members. As you are new to the organisation and might have an objective view, you are asked to produce a portfolio in which to address the following points: a) Compare the management styles applied in your hotel while discussing the characteristics of different leadership styles and their impact on staff performance. (AC 1.1 and 1.2) b) Evaluate the types of communication methods used in your hotel. Is there any recommendations that you would give to improve the communications between departments? (Covering AC 1.3) c) How would you analyse the overall organisation culture and change in your hotel? (Covering AC 1.4). d) Create a detailed plan for a possible 150 guest conference hosted in your hotel. Show clear instruction on how the conference will be managed. Your plan should include elements of you motivating and leading the team, having clear justified managerial decisions, objectives and instructions, monitoring and evaluating the delivery of the event, recommendations for improvements etc. (covering AC 3.1 and 3.2) e) Based on your own professional and personal profile create an example of staff skills audit (Covering AC 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 4.1, 4.2). While completing this part consider the following: – Complete a personal SWOT analysis – Set up targets for own professional development (use PDP template). – Conclude with a reflective report assessing own management skills performance and explaining how you are planning to develop yourself to support your career development. – Relate to the findings of any tests you have carry out online or else that helped you understand your skills as a potential manager. 


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