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Choose a problem within your current area of nursing practice; research the problem through completing a literature review; some examples of what previous students identified are listed below. Use PICO to stage your question. Do minority nursing students, who have access to early intervention/retention programs, have a higher rate of academic success over students who are not offered any such program? In the second stage of labor, do women and infants benefit more from laboring down vs direct pushing once full dilation is achieved? In patients with lower extremity ulcerations related to diabetes, will they have improved healing utilizing hyperbaric oxygen therapy with standard wound care versus patients receiving standard wound care alone? In patients with venous ulcers is there an alternative in treatments other than multi- layer compression wraps? What is the best practice for urine specimen collection in older women in emergency departments to decrease the incidence of contaminated urine culture results and therefore decrease the overtreatment of urinary tract infections? 5-7 pages not including cover page and reference page APA format 5 or more references including text books, articles, appropriate websites, etc.; articles should be within last 5 years and peer reviewed Headings to use in the Paper. You should include these and may include additional one’s if you choose. Introduction Description of Problem you identified Review of Literature PICO Question Qualitative or Quantitative: What would be better for your question and why Summary


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