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This assignment has three parts. Please follow the directions below. Please upload your paper here (be aware that the only formats that are accepted here are: .doc, .docx, .txt .pdf). Part 1 – Exercise: Watch “Refer Madness” and pay special attention to Reinarman’s article on drug scares. Consider this film and other evidence from your own experience about “scare tactics” relating to the prohibition of drugs at the national level. How have recent efforts to redefine (legalize) marijuana as a “medicine” and for recreational use across the nation reflect or reject these tactics? How does this fit into the larger effort to control illicit drug use? Part 2 – Link it up: For this review, you will need to find a conceptual link from the material presented in part 4 of the text to a research-related example and provide a brief review of it. Your example can be topically different, but share some conceptual link that you can identify and talk a bit about. Examples should come from a peer reviewed journal article source for this exercise. Like with the last exercise, this portion should be written in “brief” format. It must contain the following sections: 1) the source (cite the source using APA style – to the best of your ability if you’re using an alternate source); 2) what the main question(s)/point(s) is/are – and how it relates to your topic (a paragraph or two); 3) a brief description of the research methodology (e.g. interviews or observations, the who, what, when, where, etc.; three -four sentences will likely do here) if there is no observable methodology, you’ll have to add a bit on to the previous section; and, 4) an overview of the findings and/or conclusions (probably a couple/few paragraphs). This part of your assignment should be no less than a page and a half and no more than two pages, double spaced. Part 3 – Reflection: This is your opportunity to reflect and share your thoughts and opinions on your chosen topic. There is no right or wrong answer here – I would just like to provide you the opportunity to share any insight, thoughts, opinions, and questions, you might have. This section should be between three-quarters and one-page in length.


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