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One thing to keep in mind, rather than trying to determine whether or not there is a homoerotic relationship between characters in The Secret Sharer or Goblin Market , think about how the meaning of both texts could be influenced or changed by Queer theory readings. Be creative with how you want to approach this lens, pointing to places in either Goblin Market or The Secret Sharer where this approach might affect your interpretation of the poem or short story. Some interesting questions to pursue here: how does the story change when we read it through this lens? What does it reveal and what important things about the story might it disregard or even change? Like New Criticism, these lenses have advantages as well as limits, and uncovering both is a goal of this class. you can answer one of these question in your essay: 1. Describe the relationship between the Captain and Leggatt. In what ways are they doubles? Is their relationship homoerotic in nature (see scholarly article i will send to you ).What does Leggatt give to the Captain that he did not have before they met? Select 2-3 passages to support your answer. 2. Trace specific changes that occur in the Captain’s character as he continues to conceal Leggatt. Choose 2-3passages that reveal the Captain’s shifting perceptions of himself from the beginning to the end of the story. 3. What is the most significant symbol in this story? Trace the importance of this symbol throughout the story by pointing to 2-3 passages in which it affects characters, their actions and perceptions. In what specific ways does this symbol connect to larger themes of Conrad’s story? 4. Discuss whether Leggatt actually visited the Captain’s ship, was a figment of the Captain’s imagination, or was aghost. Make an argument and defend it using evidence from 2-3 passages from the story to support your argument. please make it manageable as always,


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