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This writing project consists of you creating a PowerPoint presentation on the topic listed below. You must have at least 5 credible resources cited in your PowerPoint as in-text citations and in a reference citation slide in APA format. You must also have a title slide in APA format. For this project, you may choose any criminal in history that you find interesting. ( chose Christina Falling also known as “Baby-sitter from Hell” and “Killer Baby-siiter”). In the first part of the project you will briefly discuss the life of the criminal (for example school, work and family history). You will discuss the crime or crimes that the person committed. Finally, you will apply at least two theories that you have studied this month as an explanation as to why they committed these crimes; be sure to discuss why you chose these theories. Below are the theories: Rational Choice Theory Social Structure Theory Trait Theory Social Process Theory Developmental Theories: Life Course, Propensity, and Trajectory


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