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 This report will begin with a brief narrative of your outcomes for Decision #1 versus what actually happened. Then, using the format for your memo in Module 1, update your action plan for the simulation for the next three years. So, after the current year is over (Year 1), modify (based on outcomes for Year 1 as well as added decision-making responsibilities and capabilities) Years 2 and 3, and add new objectives, strategies, and tactics for Year 4. Briefly explain/justify the adjustment to objectives and tactics for the subject years going forward based on decision outcomes for Decision #1. In short then, your memo should briefly repeat your assumptions for Decision 1, the results that you saw for that period, how you are modifying your decisions going forward for Decision 2 and how that changes your projections for the subsequent 3 years, the results you achieved for Decision 2, and repeat the process for Period 3. Your next memo will be due by the end of Module 5 and will cover Decisions 4, 5, & 6. Your report should meet the following requirements: Be one-and-a-half to two pages long Cite a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources from the CSU-Global Library. Include them at the end of your memo on a Reference page as you would any a formal paper according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA Requirements (Links to an external site.). Advance Live Play, Decision 2. Evaluate your outcomes, modify your plans, and then run Decision #3 for the PharmaSim Simulation. You will discuss the results in the next report, due at the end of Module 5 for simulation Decisions 2, 3, and 4 (made in Module ) Resources must be scholarly


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