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A report that critically explains and illustrates the results of an in-depth analysis of The Real Junk Food Project (a non-profit organization / social enterprise)  What should include in the report: Part 1. Concise summary of the key characteristics of the organization: 1.1 Areas of work. 1.2 The problem, challenges and opportunities that the organization aims to address. Major accomplishments by the organization. Part 2. In-depth analysis of how the non-profit / social enterprise is organised (e.g. leadership, management, peopling, financing, marketing and communication, and governance). Part 3. Identification of challenges and setbacks in the work of the organization, including but not limited to problems of financing, management, governance, communication, recruitment and retention of staff and/or volunteers. Part 4. In-depth analysis of one of these identified challenges and explanation of effective solutions on how you would address it, including recommendations for changes to improve the performance of the social enterprise / non-profit organization. Part 5. An overall assessment of the social impact of the non-profit organization / social enterprise. Make sure you explain what framework you are adopting and how you have attempted to measure social impact. In explaining and illustrating the findings of your analysis of the selected organization in the report, you should: • Critically apply ideas, concepts, theories and frameworks from relevant literature. • Support your argument with appropriate data and evidence. • Use appropriate sources which include references to: ♣ Module readings (i.e. lecture and workshop material, adopted textbook and readings) ♣ Other academic sources (i.e. journals, books, etc.) ♣ Other sources (e.g. valid newspapers and business magazines such as FT, Economist, Guardian; the organization’s websites; published annual reports; media reports and reviews / reports of the organization by external agencies / stakeholders; social media presence and digital traces) ♣ Links to digital material that you have created for this project.


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