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Discuss the difference between person-centred and service provider driven/directed models of practice Critically discuss the tensions and conflicts that can arise in practice between the person-centred and service provider driven/directed models. Develop specific examples to illustrate your conceptual points and demonstrate that you understand their application in practice.

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The Brokerage case management model is one of the theories that attempt to discuss the evolution of case management. The model fails to account for client’s whose biggest challenge is the availability of services. Despite this aspect, the model focusses on strategy planning, clients’ connection, and needs assessment, which is essential in managing cases and promoting coordinated efforts. Another theory that is used includes the clinical case management model, where the clinical care provider acts as the case manager (Dwivedi, 2009). One of the strengths of the model includes recognition that numerous customers face barriers to services beyond the concern of access. The clinical case management model encourages collaboration to enhance the willingness of the clients to follow through with the services.


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