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Research Paper. This option involves you writing a formal research paper on a topic in psychology that you chose and has been approved by your professor. It will be an APA style and will be 8 pages of text (double spaced). In addition, you will have a cover page and a reference page for a total of 10 pages. You must have a minimum of 3 references other than your text.

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The term Language Acquisition refers to the process of acquiring the capacity to perceive as well as comprehending language and use words to reciprocate. The process leads to communication. Language acquisition involves representation, rules, and structures. Skinner has coined a theory to attempt explanations of language acquisition including Behaviorist Theory (Fasold, et al., 2006). It argues that language development is influenced by environmental factors, which entails associating words with meanings. However, the contemporary approach to language acquisition argues that children are likely to use general cognitive and learning principles. The theory further suggests that learners are sensitive to language patterns, which influences the process of language acquisition. Despite these arguments, it is still unclear how much a learner is required to be exposed to language to master it.



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