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 Instructions: Find a topic or dilemma from a field such as business, healthcare, or another profession of your choosing that discusses an ethical situation. You may use either a written article selected from a reputable source or a Video from NBC Learn. 3 pages minimum for the case study and needs to include a summary, a background, a story, an analysis statement, and a conclusion. Please refer to the template below. Your analysis of the case study should cover one of the following topics listed below: Kant’s Reason and Will Utilitarian Ethics Pluralism Pragmatism Please use the Case Study TemplatePreview the document provided in the course in Canvas to complete the assignment. The template provides an example of the required APA formatting and suggested content to include in the assignment. Once again, refer to the list below for a detailed description of each item the assignment must include. Summary Summarize your report in this section. Background Summarize the article and explain the article’s content, why it was chosen, and what topic areas are to be covered (at least one). The Story Tell the story of who did what to whom. Also, cover what happened as a result of their actions. The Analysis Analyze the actions of the subject of your article here. The analysis must include a discussion of how the article that you selected applies to the topic area and whether you think that the article subject’s behavior was morally permissible or not. Conclusion Reflect on the material. Reflect on what you learned and on how this can apply to your professional and personal life. How might this help you in your chosen profession?


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