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Instructions After reading the assigned materials please create an ecomap of resources that help you in the completion of your degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Please include a graphic representation plus a brief description of the following aspects that will help you in your professional development: Human (e.g., supportive people in your environment) Physical (e.g., advantages of a distance-based program) Social (e.g., participation in Commons) Spiritual (e.g., the role of your religious upbringing in your academic pursuit) You are welcome to add any other aspects that may apply to your situation. In order to create an ecomap you may draw it by hand and then submit the scanned picture to your Instructor. You may also use Smart Draw (PC compatible) at www.smartdraw.com or Conceptdraw (Mac compatible) at www.conceptdraw.com If you are using the SmartDraw software, please transfer your visuals into Word or PDF format. The instructions on how to move forward wit the export of your file are provided below. In your description of the ecomap drawing remember to include all the necessary details that will help you instructor to understand your assessment.


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