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 You will write an investigative report on IT issues faced by your corporation. The paper should not only be descriptive but should be analytical and critical. The report may include: Examples of solutions that have or have not worked Your recommendations regarding the IT issues You can choose the entire corporation, division, segment, or even a single project for this assignment. The final report should be based on solid research, for example, interviews with CIO or key technology personnel, review of internal documents, analysis of external documents, and of course your hunches and intuitions. This report will be only used for this course and the issues discussed will not be revealed or used in any context whatsoever; that is, if you have privacy and security concerns. Bonus points if your project involves the topics discussed in the course. Deliverable Approximately 8 to 10-page report (single space, standard margins) Appendices, figures, tables, can be in addition to this 8-10 pages. Your instructor is generally lenient when it comes to number of pages or formatting, you can safely exceed page limits, but please do not pad your answers. Include a Bibliography


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